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Welcome Friends! Bekks here ready to help you achieve greatness, whatever that means to you!

From the time I was old enough to throw, this game, these games have been the focus of my life. No matter where I go, I am compelled to stop at any ballpark that I see there’s a game going on. There is simply no more captivating sounds than those of bat on ball, horsehide on leather, cleats on clay, or the resounding sweetness of the umpire making a big call. I love the game, and the home at which it is played. This place, this incredible and perfect place……..in the shape of a diamond!

We are dedicated to helping young Canadian Athletes achieve their personal best in both baseball and softball. Whatever yours is, we are hear to facilitate those dreams. Through Area Scouts Canada we are developing athleticism through the B.A.S.E. Platform (Biomechanics, Athleticism, Sequence and Endurance). Proper movement, physiological analysis and injury prevention are benchmarks of this program: young athletes progress at their own pace with an individually tailored set of goals that they lay out in consultation with our incredible team of Directors. The program is “athlete specific”, making it the most unique, diverse and successful development program on the planet.

Next From the North is a new and exciting Recruiting Platform for Canadian kids that want to play softball or baseball at the “next level” south of the border. Our database has every coach at every level of U.S. Collegiate Programs. NFN believes that every kid who “wants a shot” deserves to at least be seen by the coaches and programs that they hope to one day play for. So we developed a one-of-a-kind system that maximizes exposure for any projectable boy or girl. If you have talent, are a successful student, a great teammate and most of all display exemplary character we will help find you a place to play. You don’t need to be one of the best players on your team or in your academy, there are tons of quality institutions looking for exceptional kids to complete their rosters each year. NFN has the access to know who they are. The best part is, there is no charge for our representation. Upload your profile today and start the process of getting noticed……It’s FREE!

Talkin’ Ball w/ Bekks is a video podcast simply dedicated to….. talking ball. Guests will include current and former MLB players, coaches and scouts; current and retired Olympic Softball Players and other Olympians; U.S. college coaches, Athletic Directors and Recruitment Coordinators; youth sport performance coaches; Professional Agents; Exercise Science Physiologists, Sports Psychology specialists, Orthopedic Surgeons and more. I’ll also be shining the spotlight NFNPlayers of the week” signing celebrations and commitments, and highlighting player achievements. This platform will surely inform and entertain far and wide! Check out the Podcast on Spotify and Apple Music, and subscribe to the Youtube Channel today! Once again….It’s all for Free!

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